March 24, 2013

PAX East Photos

Cold walk to the convention center at 7am. Line has already wrapped.

Tryndamere statue greeting attendees right inside the door.

Mechanical statue for FireFall. The middle piece pumped the ground and let out smoke.

League of Legends is huge. The biggest and loudest booth of PAX.

Old rivals. One brought new games.
PAX East, also known as Line Simulator 2013

Riot vs Fans -  Champion Select

3 hour wait for a 30 minute Last of Us demo

Zombie make-up at MOGA

The line for The Last of Us continues.

I can't quite remember the name of this game...

Panorama of part of the show floor.

Elder Scrolls MMO

It's almost game-time for me!


Awesome set-piece for The Last of Us

Ron Swanson inspired brunch

The Swanson burger. $15 of man-food.

Digging in.

That's a turkey-stuffed burger. With bacon and cheese. Swanson-style.

Sam Fisher statue.

Glad to see Sony actually marketing their games.

Awesome Thief outfit and bow.

An amazing homemade ClapTrap

Nidalee and Akali. Watch for the spears!

Gannon, Link, Zelda, Minerva

Jayce - "It's hot in here".

Another shot of the massive show floor

Gameplay demonstration of Splinter Cell Blacklist

Fast paced, stylized, great music, great name.

Reread. That does not say Oregon Trail.

You NEED to check out this game. Burlesque styled 3D/2D Limbo.

Ever wonder what Annie and Tibbers do when they're not on the Fields of Justice?

Another shot of the show floor.

And another.

And another.

Goodbye PAX. Until next year.

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  1. Hey cool that's the Ron Swanson poster I made!