February 18, 2012

Custom Vita Backgrounds, Video Blog #3

Hello All,

First off I just wanted to show off my Crystal Case with new custom covers printed on photo-paper. They look as good as the packed in covers that came with the case!


Second, I am happy to announce that my first batch of Vita backgrounds are live in the "Customize your Playstation Vita" section. Scroll down past the covers to reach the background section. If you have a request just let me know in the comment section on that page!

Example Background with Icon Positions

Finally, I have been receiving many questions on whether the rumor is true that the Crystal Case pops open when dropped on the hinge. Today's video blog will look into the problem and discuss potential solutions.

I still love the case and have no worries about the design fault. The case has to land perfectly on the top half of the hinge to pop open.



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